MT16   Mission Track

now go

New human prepares to emerge

Each part together as one

MT15   Mission Track

and now the

kindness that extends from

mother earth

will keep you

A spirit enters the flesh mother via the Earth Mother

MT14   Mission Track

An Elder appears in a gully in the Hermannsburg Mission-Land

watched over by the Maidens

like they are expecting someone

MT13   Mission Track

Going somewhere

There is direction and purpose here, the Native Mission cross is under Larlkintanherrama.

It is connecting with the Mother, who is everywhere.

MT12   Mission Track

With the Lutheran church on one side of the track and the Native Mission cross on the other, does this mean a split between them?

The Mother is witness to this.

MT11   Mission Track

the Maidens


Church and Land

The Hermannsburg mission buildings were in a low walled compound, surrounded by the Land of the Natives.

cog diss construct

hey v

the build is what

you construct

when you are not looking

CG38  Coffee Grinding Track

Placing the mother-in-law

MT10   Mission Track

the tensional pull


the land and the church

Larlkintanherrama - Lutheran

MT9a (Mission Track) Bury the Church (missionaries) - but they saved the First People of the Land!

A tumblrite has suggested to bury the church, and from my recent postings - ‘#hermannsburg mission’ I seem to be vilifying the missionaries so this is a logical and emotive response. But wait! Christians are pro-life! They kept the tribe together, and ON their Land. So in the end the blood flowed from the Land again and into the hearts of its people who were there to receive it! The alternative was to be killed, raped and scattered by the pastoralists, governments and opportunists! Like, I think missionaries were summoned by the ‘Dreamtime’ to help protect and save the Land’s first people from Her second people, so they might co-exist!

MT9   Mission Track

first people

watch from under the palms

as Land

mergers with Church


what is left?

Natives are the first people, white Christians the second.

Land must adapt, will Church adapt? Should Church adapt?

MT8   Mission Track

The Native Mission cross has receded over the horizon, framed by two Maidens. They seem to be protecting it from the line of fighters in the foreground.

Compassion and aggression, two opposing human traits, but can they both be constructive or destructive?

MT7   Mission Track

And now is the best time to

recount the goodness of

your encounter with the black –

“But wait, I’m not finished

As I said, it’s a work in progress

as in never ending

And this is what draws us forward

our hopes

our dreams

our purpose?

The Native Mission cross is suspended between

over the horizon and under the hill.

MT6   Mission Track

the heart – the heart

– give me the heart

Active cross requiring

worried face of who?

MT5   Mission Track

exposé -

and time and again

this is what I am saying to you

that what transpires is the

urgency of personal expedience

(from under the social shroud of local norms)

Native Mission cross appears above Mt Hermannsburg, with the Maidens in attendance

And a line of fighters attendant in the white

Land has morphed, the Christian religion hasn’t

There is nurturing, there is violent aggression.

What has happened here?