LG17    little gods Track

ride of the Valkyrie – IN MY DREAMS!!!

Cognitive dissonance in full flight!

CG37  Coffee Grinding Track

Happy Birthday Sam! (islandharmony)

Today is mine! (and my fathers’!) (and mine is a biggie zero!)

itamusd asked :

Hi Bruce over there :-) Just wanted to say hello and that the little gods are slowly starting to reveal your (very complex) theory. Seing them all in a seperate, prominent space lined up and each individual. Must admit, that your LG4 little gods Track was very dry for me to digest instantly. : -) Today there was a notion. Still curious. ::ute::

burtontracks answered :

Hey Ute! Glad you like the ‘little gods’ stuff I’m evolving to explain and help release inner stuff. The line of figures were thrown up by my creative self, and represent only some of the gods. Also, I can view the same figure another day and see a different god there. Its all in the interpretation, which reflects where we are at that moment. I love the light on your table of fruit! Bruce

LG16    little gods Track

Me dancing – a wild dancer inside, a blob of jelly outside!

Hey vyacheslav is this somatic dissonance?

CG36  Coffee Grinding Track

I have been bitten by a crocodile, but not this cute little fellow, who as you can see was free to do so (tho not there!!)

Wild youth as a young geologist in northern Australia, getting distracted by the wildlife, which I caught by hand, then let go.

LG15    little gods Track

I often react without thinking - but - Is this what I really want? Is this good for me?

LG14    little gods Track

I let people push me around

LG13    little gods Track


LG12    little gods Track

they will get me

LG11    little gods Track

poor bugger me

LG10    little gods Track

mothered - smothered

LG9    little gods Track

bluff over bluster, or just plain fear


LG8    little gods Track

…like a rag doll

LG7    little gods Track

Being assertive

LG6    little gods Track

The rider is me.